The Sotos Nakis label is an amalgamation of his personal creative vision and his formative years as a designer in London and Paris.

His eponymous brand combines a minimalistic aesthetic, drawing inspiration from nature’s shapes and silhouettes. Nakis believes that now more than ever, values of quality and craftsmanship in each aspect in life are vital.

Sourcing the finest quality Savile Row tailoring fabrics, the garments embody craftsmanship through the use of heritage techniques and a contemporary approach to design.

The Sotos Nakis garments are creations of great thought and adornment. Each pattern has been developed to suit the purpose of the style, taking months to refine the vision and fit to perfection.

This innovative approach is the key embodiment of the designer’s message to the world - the concept of slowing down and embracing investment pieces built to last. This idea of longevity and inwardness translate in his trademark silhouettes which embrace the body of the wearer.