For his Summer / Pre-Fall 2022 collection, the ideas of serenity, purity and solitude became starting points for Sotos Nakis’ research and a visual reference for his complex and idiosyncratic patterns. The construction of each piece has been hand – crafted, bearing in mind Nakis’ ingenious philosophy of quality over quantity, working with the finest luxury materials, providing the best fit and ultimately creating investment pieces built to last.


Standing the test of time as a metaphor for the importance of slowing down, of internalising the world around and making sense of its changes, just like the Meteora rocks, graciously evolving under the unceasing influence of the four elements, is key for understanding the designer’s ethos for longevity as a principle.

This quality aspect of life in his work manifests itself on multiple levels: The balance between nature and man; The tension between the strictness of the cotton shirt silhouettes and mohair tunic dresses with functional details, creating an almost ascetic look, reminiscent of monastic clothing, worn by the inhabitants of the monasteries; The contrast between the harsh landscape and the minimalistic earthiness of the colour palette; The outlines of the cliffs bringing a sense of purity, spirituality and serenity and the tailored overalls, creating a powerful juxtaposition.

Drawing inspiration from the mundane and creating something exceptional, high-quality and enduring is reflected in each of the pieces from the collection – from net vests, utilised by the monks to climb the rocks to the wool coats gently embracing the wearer, reminiscent of caves – a shelter from the outside world.

Combining effortless, floating volumes and contemporary shapes and tailoring techniques with the finest Savile Row fabrics is another element of Nakis' approach to design – to create a bridge in time whilst empowering the person who is wearing his garments.

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